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Our Philosophy
“Treat and Heal Differently”

A person’s quality of life is the most valuable asset regardless of age.

We believe the holistic approach together with proactive treatment and care, is the vital combination to restore the patient’s quality of life when and where they are disturbed. We Provide Physiotherapy Services in Paphos.

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Phexmed is an innovative Center for Continuing Health and Wellbeing. We produce and innovate on programs and services that are often require by many of our clients.

We can Help You relieve Your Pain

Professionally trained physiotherapist staff registered with the Ministry of Health and the Cyprus Physiotherapist Association.


Our promise is to continually upgrade our knowledge and the latest international recovery protocols.


We have state-of-the-art technology in the field of physiotherapy and rehabilitation to help the patient recover faster.


An appropriate environment in which the patient can enjoy all the benefits of a proper treatment.


Safe in our skill hands and knowledge to help you believe and achieve a better quality of life.


Perseverance, optimism, patience, faith in our treatments and the care for each of our patients.

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