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Bring back your lost Mobility

There are many cases where the patient or his/ her family find it difficult to access a physiotherapy center because of the nature of their condition.

Phexmed specialized team can provide you with unique mobile Home Health Services



"Why do we care about you"

Phexmed can visit you at home and create physiotherapy and rehabilitation programs for your problem. Phexmed can use your personal environment as part of your treatment and educate your family members to serve you more comfortably and safely



"The environment of your space can become part of your treatment"
Phexmed can visit your personal space, evaluate it ergonomically, advise and tailor it if you wish in the right conditions to make the patient's life easier and more secure and comfortable.



"Ιs part of your treatment"

Phexmed takes care of providing the patient and his family with a specialist in-home care. The specialist carer can go to your home and provide services that cover the basic needs of the patient

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