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Bring back your lost Mobility

Phexmed Advance Physiotherapy and Rehab can provide a wide range of solutions for both injuries and diseases for patients and athletes through our state-of-the-art technology and our specialized techniques. The programs focus not only on rehabilitation also on prevention and maintenance.  Try our successful programs and earn your lost quality of life! The road to recover starts from here…Welcome to PHEXED.


Phexmed believes that an accurate physiotherapeutic evaluation is the most important part of the process to create the right patient recovery plan. The goal of this procedure is for the patient to fully understand his problem, to solve all questions about it and to be fully informed about his treatment plan, the number of sessions, and the length of time he is recovering. Phexmed's team collects records, classifies and processes all medical information about the patient in order to assess the condition, the stage at hand, and to select the appropriate tools and techniques to assist in a faster and safer return the patient.


Symptom reduction. Following the evaluation, the first phase of Phexmed's treatment plans involves the reduction of all the unpleasant symptoms caused to the patient by injury. Using state-of-the-art technology, specialized knowledge and experience, Phexmed's team accelerates healing time by resolving key symptoms such as pain and inflammation. This is also the key to making the patient feel positive that 'something really' is changing in their problem.


After the evaluation and the first phase of rehabilitation, a specialized exercise program is designed to meet the patient's needs. The goal is to restore the patient's functional movements without pain and to return as smoothly and safely as possible to their daily activities and skills.

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