George S.

Managing Director
Brief info

BSc of Physiotherapy, Thessalonica Technological and Education Institute, Greece 1999
Manual Therapist 2014
Member of Cyprus Association of Physiotherapists
Member of Manual Therapist, Greece

Areas of Expertise:
Musculoskeletal disorders
Neurological Disorders
Cardio Respiratory
Sports Injuries
Pre and Post Operation Rehabilitation
Acupuncture / trigger points

Chief Physiotherapist

1995-1999 George Stylianou acquired his Bachelor Degree of Physiotherapy at the Thessalonica Technological and Education Institute in Greece. The Bachelor’s Thesis was focused on the sports injuries and specific in the low back pain sufferers. He has acquired his clinical experience in physiotherapy by practicing at Hippocratic Hospital, St.Dimitrios Hospital, St.Pantleimonas Hospital and private Physiotherapy Centers in Thessalonica, Greece where he specialized in the field of Orthopedic and Neuro-musculoskeletal disorders and Sports Injuries.

In 2000 George offered physiotherapy services in an orthopedic surgery clinic focusing on post surgery and trauma rehabilitation as well as sports injuries rehabilitation.

2001-2007 George moved his practice to St. George Hospital, Paphos offering physiotherapy services for outpatient and inpatient in the orthopedic, neurological, respiratory and sports injuries field.

He created his own professional team that comprised of physiotherapist, sports masseurs and fitness rehabilitation instructors.

2007 George started a company under the trade name GSPhysioMed Medical and rehabilitation center.

2008 he relocated his practice to larger premises in Paphos and the creation and organization of new departments to better, higher quality recovery of his patients.

    • Hydrotherapy Department
    • Ergometrics  Departments
    • Scoliosis Department.
    • Osteoporosis and arthritis Department.
    • Pregnancy and exercises Department
    • Mobile physiotherapy Department (a mobile unit that could be used for patients not able to travel to his practice)

2008-2014  supported physiotherapy services at Iasis Hospital and Blue Cross Hospital in Paphos.

2002-2014  supported sports physiotherapy services for 7 Football teams (1st-3th Division) ,3 Volleyball teams (1st division) ,2 basketball teams , and many athletes from various sports.

Physiotherapy services at international level:

2002 George was elected as chief physiotherapist and he was offered professional services to the Cyprus National team of Volley Ball which obtained the Gold Medal in the European Tournament in Malta and 3th place in European Tournament in Croatia. For their success the Cyprus Federation of Volleyball presented George with a medal of honour for his contribution.

2003 Physiotherapy support for the European beach volley tournament that took place in Cyprus for the first time.

2007 Preparation stage for the Cyprus and Greece swim team for the Paralympic games

2009 International Marathon in Cyprus .

Academic Qualifications

BSc of Physiotherapy

Thessalonica Technological and Education Institute , Greece 1995-1999

OMT (Orthopedic Manual Therapist) 2009-2014

Further Qualifications
    • Advance kinetic control, Human Movement Analysis IFOMPT (Heidi Sinz PT,OMT,Scheidegg).
    • Manipulation of the Lumbar Spine and S.I. joint (Pr.Christian Gloeck-PT,OMT,MappSc).
    • Manipulation of the Cervical Spine (Prof.Lasse Thue –MI/USA –Immediate past Chair / Kaltenborn –Evjent International )
    • Manipulation of the Thoracic Spine and Ribs (Prof. Roar Robinson –PT,OMT,MAppSc)
    • Myofascial Massage (Myotherapy College of Utah-Roger Olbrot & Anna Gammal)
    • Radiology (IFOMPT-Leykopoulos Anastasios MD)
    • Manipulation of the Limbs (IFOMPT-Rogdakis Georgios PT,OMT & Manolarakis Manolis PT,OMT)
    • Certificate of International Medical Training Therapy MTT-(Prof.Lasse Thue-MI/USA-Immediate past Chair/Kaltenborn-Evjent International)
    • Certificate Examination and Treatment of Upper Extremities(OMT Kalterborn-Evjenth Concept –PAMP(Dimitrios Korakakis PT,OMT)
    • Course Certificate Lower Kinetic Chain (Robert Doanatelli PhD ,PT, Orthopedic Certified Specialist , Director of sports Out Reach Programs, Physiotherapy  Associate , Las Vegas ,NV)
    • Course Certificate ¨Shoulder Sports Rehabilitation¨(Robert Doanatelli PhD ,PT, Orthopedic Certified Specialist , Director of sports Out Reach Programs, Physiotherapy  Associate , Las Vegas ,NV)
    • Certificate Rehabilitation Training –Medical Training Therapy –The Scientific Basis of Therapeutic Exercises (Prof.Lasse Thue –MI/USA –Immediate past Chair / Kaltenborn –Evjent International )
    • Certificate Neurological Examination –Neurodynamic Test – Clinical Reasoning (Eleni Zervakaki PT,Mapp Sc Manipulative Physiotherapy, OMPT Kalterborn-Evjenth Concept –PAMP)
    • Certificate – Upper Spine and Upper Extremities Advanced Course (Prof.Lasse Thue –MI/USA –Immediate past Chair/Kaltenborn –Evjent International )
    • Certificate Examination and Treatment of Lower Spine –Lumbar and Thoracic Spine (Maria Pitsikalli PT,OMT, Kaltenborn –Evjent International ).
    • Certificate Lumbar Spine-Pelvis And Lower Extremities Advance Course (Christos Kefalas PT,OMT, Kaltenborn –Evjent International ).
    • Certificate Examination and Treatment of Lower Extremities (Despoina Proimaki PT,OMT,Mapp Sc in Manipulative Physiotherapy ).
    • Certificate Examination and Treatment of Upper Thoracic and Cervical Spine (Giorgos Rogdakis PT,OMT, Kaltenborn –Evjent International).
    • Certificate for Certified Kinesio Taping Advance trainer –Advance Course I & II (Konstantinos Diamantopoulos B.Sc.PT).
    • Certificate  Theory and practical use of new sports medicine equipment ( Cyprus Sports Medicine Association)
    • Certificate Hydrotherapy for Physiotherapist (Hydrostatic and Hydrodynamic Principles-Physiology of Immersion – Patient Selection and Treatment choices-Handling and treatment Techniques-Pool Chemistry-Pool Management-Tretment Planning)(Royal National Hospital Rheumatic Disease –NHS-Chris Washbrook M.C.S.P-H.A.C.P , Julie Russell M.C.S.P-H.A.C.P)
    • Certificate Therapeutic Massage Techniques (Vasiliki Sakelari Pt,
    • Certificate The effects of electrotherapy to injuries of the peripheral nervous system
    • Certification Contemporary Techniques in Physiotherapy

Member of Cyprus Association of Physiotherapist (from 2000)

Manual Therapist Greece (from 2012)

Elected to the board of the Cyprus Association