Postoperative Services

Post Operation Cases Section

The PHEXMED Post-Surgery Unit specializes in accurate physiotherapeutic evaluation and the effective treatment and rehabilitation of a patient after surgery.

Always in consultation with the treating physician for complete information on the patient’s problem of prevention and avoidance of complications, specialized physiotherapists proceed with the development of a rehabilitation program tailored to each patient. Reducing pain, increasing range of motion, training the patient in their daily activities, and empowering and training them in prevention are some of the components of this program.

Postoperative incidents treated in the Postoperative Rehabilitation Department include:

    • Hip and knee replacement
    • Cervical and lumbar discectomy
    • Shoulder tendon tear
    • Meniscus and ACL /PCL of the knee joint
    • Any other operation case.


The greatest medicine of all is teaching people how not to need it