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What we offer…

Quality Assurance,

All our physiotherapists are registered with the Cyprus Ministry of Health and the Cyprus Physiotherapists Association.

Most hold higher degrees / post grad certificates and everyone has areas of particular interest so you can find the expert tailored to your needs.

The quality of our services and programs is based on:

The holistic approach to treatment with prevention and maintenance programs, disease management and rehabilitation.

All programs implemented are based on internationally recognized protocols and worldwide bibliographies and publications. All techniques used by the Center are internationally recognized by the world physiotherapy association.

Environment and equipment,

All areas of the center meet all safety and health criteria and are easily accessible to patients.

The center has modern facilities including a friendly waiting area.

Personalized rooms and personal physiotherapist.

State-of-the-art specialized physiotherapy equipment.

PHEXMED is the only center that has a full range of specialized physiotherapy machines that accelerate the healing time of injuries.

Rehabilitation room designed and equipped to create simulated conditions for patients’ daily needs.

Special therapeutic gym and therapeutic exercise room with unique equipment compared to common gyms.

Solution for every need,

If the patient finds it difficult to visit our facility because his problem does not allow

our physiotherapist can visit your home with a fully equipped van and turn your personal space into a recovery room facilitating you and your family.