Physiotherapy Evaluation

Physiotherapeutic evaluation is the first and most important part of the procedure.

It is the process by which the Chief physiotherapist collects all medical information about the patient, records, classifies and processes it to assess the condition, the stage it is in, and to select the appropriate tools and techniques by creating a specialized treatment program.

It is necessary in the beginning, but also during and at the end of treatment, as a means of evaluating the effectiveness of the patient’s treatment.

The purpose of this procedure is for the patient to fully understand their problem, solve all the questions around it, and be fully informed about their treatment plan, number of sessions, and recovery period. The duration of Physiotherapy Evaluation is 45′- 60 ‘and includes:

    • Medical History
    • Pain Assessment
    • Measuring the range of motion of the joints.
    • Muscle strength control
    • Assess muscle elasticity.
    • Posture Analysis of the Body
    • Kinematic Gait Analysis
    • Spine evaluation
    • Balance & Coordination Test
    • Test for possible falls (in the elderly)
    • Assessment of the Functional Ability of the Person and of his / her Daily Activities




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