Everyone Has Back Pain


Adriaan Louw’s neuroscience education book will help you understand why your back hurts and teach you strategies for controlling and lessening your pain.

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Like other books in the Louw series, Everyone Has Back Pain
is based on research indicating you’ll feel less pain, move better,
exercise longer and experience more success with therapy when
understanding what pain actually is and how it works in the body.  

The book, written for people of all ages who
experience back pain, examines some of the typical myths that exist
about this common condition and provides simple strategies for lessening
the pain.

  • Written in an easy-to-read format with color illustrations
  • Breaks down complex neuroscience into plain language and metaphors
  • Demonstrates how to calm nerves to reduce pain

Written by clinical neuroscience researcher Adriaan Louw, along with co-authors Timothy Flynn and Emilio Puentedura.  

Illustrated. Spiral-bound softcover; 94 pages. Non-returnable.

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